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The Slick Rick Trio

The Slick Rick Trio

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The Slick Rick Trio

With the Slick Rick™ premium men's hair styling product, you can stay slick and sharp, on the go.

Our job as a men's hair styling company is to ensure you remain slick. You may finally put an end to all of your bad hair days, whether they have to do with facial or head hair!
There is nothing worse than losing that slick look throughout the day. That is why we developed a practical, user-friendly on the go solution that is both efficient and incredibly convenient for all men!

Slick Rick™ is a 3 in 1 styling product that can help hold your hair in place all day. Say goodbye to hairspray and hairbrushes, Slick Rick™ has you covered! To help moisturize and nourish hair, our specifically formulated solution is enhanced with aloe vera and rosemary.

The specially made double sided combing tool, is manufactured to catch every hair and comb it in a way that helps you style your hair, the way you want. The bristles on the single sided brush ensure that all serum collected is transferred to the targeted area for styling.

The Formula, unlike other hair style products, will not leave your hair greasy or hard. Because of its small size, the Slick Rick™ fits neatly into your pocket while still being readily available to provide the best possible results!


  • Aloe vera and rosemary water are added to our specially made solution to help nourish and hydrate hair.
  • The specifically designed zigzag bristles on the wand are positioned to collect each hair and comb it in a neat and controlled manner.
  • With the aid of the potent holding solution, your appearance will remain there all day.
  • won't cause your hair to become crunchy, greasy, or hard like other hair style products like gel and hairspray do.
  • Its transparent solution is effective on all hair kinds, even facial hair!
  • It is easy and effective for people of all ages to use.
  • The Slick Rick's compact design allows it to fit neatly into your pocket while yet being easily accessible to deliver the greatest results!

Using Your Slick Rick

Twist the cap to uncover the applicator. Use the Slick Rick on the hairs you want to hold in place all day. After that, use the comb on the opposite end to perfect your hair / beard as necessary & keep that slick look!

Our Formula

Unlike other hair styling tools, our special formula for The Slick Rick prevents your hair from becoming greasy or hard throughout the day. Its special recipe is enhanced with nutrients that are beneficial to hair, like Rosemary and aloe vera, which will nourish hair but also, paired with holding serum, keep it in place all day.

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