About Us

We are a small Irish business that has created a convenient, multi-functional 3 in 1 hair styling product to help your day run more efficiently, and keep you looking your best all day long!

At The Slick Rick Shop we will always be cruelty free, and promise to do our bit for the environment.

Nothing would be more ideal for us than for you to accompany us on this small business journey and witness firsthand how effortlessly innovation, luxury, and superior product performance come together. Our journey from idea to commercialization can be followed through our social media channels and business pages.

Put trust in us, and we will ensure you remain sharp and slick, all day long. Your hair routine won't be the same after this, and you will never be interrupted by a bad hair day again!

Back Story

After working in the business industry for his teenage years and graduating from university with a bachelors first degree in Marketing, Jack Fitzpatrick launched The Slick Rick Shop. Like many of us, had a number of bad hair days and realized there was a need in the market for a hair product that was unique in controlling and revolutionizing convenience hair styling.

Unlike other hair styling tools, Jack's special formula for The Slick Rick prevents your hair from becoming greasy or hard throughout the day. It took almost one year to perfect The Slick Rick. Its special recipe is enhanced with nutrients that are beneficial to hair, like Rosemary and aloe vera, which will nourish hair but also, paired with holding serum, keep it in place all day. In addition to becoming a fan favorite amongst the local community and university union, The Slick Rick has gained widespread attention on the internet as a result of Jack's video documentation of him experiencing starting a small business.

Stay Sharp, Stay Slick